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My life is a beautiful swirl of colors and flavors. First, I’m a mother to four AWESOME kids. I'm what you would call a "Connector of people and ideas" which in turn has lead me to Consulting & Vision Casting in all areas: from Design & Staging to  Branding & Marketing to Event Coordinating, I have something to say about it all. I am a Real Estate Agent, an author, an advocate for children with special needs and a CREATOR/DREAMER. I love my family and love to travel. I have a '78 VW Bus and Vintage Horse Trailer Bar and think they're the best things since ice cream and cookies. I approach all I do with passion and creativity and have created this space as a place where you can dig into my story, my work and the things closest to my heart. I invite you to stay awhile, have a look around, and contact me anytime! Thank you for visiting!

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The Billy Bar; a tastefully renovated, vintage horse trailer with just the right amount of Glitz, Glam & Fun! The perfect ✨WOW ✨ factor for your next event, The Billy Bar is not only a functional space but makes for the coolest photo opp that is sure to leave your friends, family and followers swooning!



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I have the honor of serving on the Board for the Moms for Kari Coalition. I was also employed on her campaign as the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator working and fighting hard to help elect Kari Lake, the Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate. Kari is ready to take drastic measures to restore the safety and order at our border, ensure medical freedoms, support and keep small businesses open and protect our children from the radical agenda of CRT and sexually explicit education all while protecting the rights of us parents. Her border and education plans are unprecedented and she does not back down to the mainstream, cancel culture, FAKE NEWS. Although it seems as though hope is lost with the corrupt election results, Kari is not done fighting. She will take it all the way up the United States Supreme Court if she has to and I will be there by her side, backing her all the way!


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