about me



There is so much to tell you, I’m not sure where to start! My life is a beautiful mix of family, work, volunteering, and play-time. I have four of the coolest kids in whom I am so proud, including a United States Airman, a future surgeon, a future astronaut and a cancer surviving PRINCESS.  I’m a full time Real Estate Agent, a proud Alumni for the Top 40 Agents Under 40 and a "Spirit of the Community" Award Recipient by the Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors. I mirror my youngest daughter and wear red glasses to help raise awareness, acceptance and hope for the millions of children and families living with special needs and disabilities, just like us. It's so dear to my heart that I founded Red Glasses Productions in 2014 and wrote a children's book called "We're Not So Different After All" to help develop early-childhood compassion and understanding in honor of my youngest daughter. I sit on the Board of Directors for Southwest Human Development, the largest non-profit in the state of Arizona dedicated to early childhood development. In my free time (Yes, I do have some of that!) I LOVE to write and travel; I will go anywhere at anytime and just completed two additional manuscripts! I love style and decor; both staging a room or an outfit. As I'm sure you can tell, I love to rock hats :) I'm 100% Colombian so I fancy a great cup of coffee and watching an exciting soccer game. Did I mention that I have to grooviest '78 VW Bus named Gilly and one day hope  to retire as a dirtly,'ole hippy, traveling all over the US? Yep, it's true!


You may be thinking, “Is this girl for real and how does she do it all!?”

The answer is, it's in my DNA. Helping people fires me up, gets me going and keeps me motivated. It is the cherry on top of this intensely fun and flavorful life!