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Gilly & Billy 


Howdy! I’m Lissette, owner and creator of The Billy Bar; a tastefully renovated, 

vintage horse trailer with just the right amount of Glitz, Glam & Fun! 

The perfect ✨WOW ✨ factor for your next event.


Billy wasn’t always this dapper though. I saw the little, 70’s horse trailer and I knew he deserved more than to rust away on an old dirt lot. I had a vision and wanted to breathe new life into him. With a hazmat suit, a crowbar and a dream, my friend and I gutted the purple, vintage horse trailer to the metal frame. I proceeded to power wash and clean every square inch before the rebuilding process started. The rest is history. What I love most about Billy is that I’ve kept a lot of the character and vintage charm including some bumps and bruises he’s sustained in his 50+ years. He’s not perfect but he sure is ONE OF A KIND.

Whether you’re wanting to serve up drinks, food or even use as a booth to sell products, 

The Billy Bar makes for the coolest photo backdrop that is sure to leave your 

friends, family and followers swooning 😍

IMG_0505 2.JPG




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