Words can't truly express the amount of respect and gratitude I have for Lissette Lent, not only as a Realtor, but as a person. I was completely new to the home buying process and was going through a very difficult transition in my life when I sought her help. She consistently maintained the utmost professionalism with all parties throughout the whole process. She guided me along the way and offered her support when I needed it. I can say with complete confidence that she always was looking out for me and my best interests...even above her own. It's rare to find a Realtor that becomes your friend. For this reason alone, I would highly recommend Lissette to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. She is the best!

Chelsea Pearce

Mesa, AZ

I was introduced to Lissette through a friend who recommended her so highly I didn't think it was possible for her to meet the expectations. She more than lived up to the recommendation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend lissette wholeheartedly to anyone who is needing a knowledgeable hard working real estate agent.

Jeff Alexander

Maricopa, AZ

Listing our home with Lissette was the best decision we made. She worked hard to sell our home and has a talent in marketing knowing just what works.  She made the whole process from start to finish easy.  We have sold and bought a lot of houses over our years and I can honestly say, Lissette is at the top of our list of realtors.  Not only is she just a wonderful person period, she has integrity in what she does. I would recommend her to any one that is serious about buying or selling a home. Not only did we gain a great realtor, we were blessed with a new friend.


Thanks Lissette!

Gary and Lanette Yaconetti

Mesa, AZ

Lissette displays impeccable work ethic and honesty; she possesses a sincere desire to strive and deliver everything her clients are looking for.

Shane and Lisa Knoll

Gilbert, Az

Lissette listened to what we said and was truly looking out for our best interest. She was the right agent for us.

Isabel Quintero and Manny Medrano

Gilbert, Az

I see the Lissette behind the scenes. The one who will put almost anything on hold to answer a clients call. The unselfish professional who has a big heart for her clients and their needs. She has dealt with more than most which makes her level of tenacity the bar that others reach for.

Unbiased Family Member aka Fly on the Wall

Mesa, AZ

Lissette exemplified true professionalism, knowledge and commitment to helping us find our home. The quality of service and caring did not end with our accepted offer or even at closing. It has been 3 years now since we moved into our home and Lissette continues to check in and see how we are doing. I can't say enough about our Realtor and friend Lissette.

Obed and Charlotte Gaytan

Mesa, AZ

I've had the pleasure of buying two homes with Lissette's assistance. She takes the time to find out exactly what my needs are and shows me properties that meet those needs in my price range. Lisette knows the area well, and has contacts to make every step of the purchase process run smoothly. 

Judy Hutchinson

Chandler, AZ

The house we wanted wasn't even on the market yet and Lissette made it happen for us.  Lissette knows how to "work the deal". She goes all in for her clients. Her expertise and negotiation style make sure you get a great deal. Lissette helped me through 2 home buying processes. I loved working with her!!!

Leilani and Drew Tomasik

Mesa, AZ

I fell in love with two houses and I had to make a choice. Lissette was there to give me advice, not only as my Realtor, but as my friend. She has always wanted what was best for me and got me into my dream home and my dream location. I can truly say using Lissette as my Realtor was the best thing I could have done.

Olivia Ricks aka Auntie O, Liv, O

Mesa, AZ

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Lissette is in the business to find someone their home, not a house. She takes their personal needs, wants and desires into account and dedicates herself to that fully. By doing that you truly gain a friend. And her friendship does not end at the closing of your home because it makes her happy to be there for you for a long time after. I know because I am lucky enough to have her as a friend now for almost 3 years. She puts you first always!

Ted and Heather Campbell

Mesa, AZ

We were treated with compassion, comfort, confidence and competence. We did not just find a Realtor, we mad a new friend in Lissette.

Manuel A. Venegas; United States Army - Master Sergeant

Goodyear, AZ

Lisette supported our downsizing with great patience and love.  It was an emotional decision to sell the house that had been our family home for almost 14 years.  But the two of us just didn't need the square footage anymore.  To make it worse, we weren't sure of where or even what our future place should look like.  Lisette was there for us every step of the way, from preparing our old house for sale to moving into our perfect new home.  We were so happy with the way she cared for us, we recommended her to my brother and sister in law when they were ready to find a second home in Arizona.  She helped them long distance with the same attention that we had received. Thanks Lisette for everything you did to make two difficult moves easier and without worry for our families.

Phil and Dawn Zadrozny

Scottsdale, AZ

You always take the extra time, thought and energy to pursue our interests and do so in such a positive, professional and timely manner - you AMAZE me!!!

Julie and Scott Smith

Phoenix, AZ

This was our first time buying a house and Lissette really helped us find the perfect one for our growing family.  She really listened to what we wanted in a house and what was important to us.  When we ran into difficulties with the seller she fought and advocated for us to get us the house we wanted.  Through the whole process she communicated what was going on to us, listened to our frustrations with a graceful heart and helped keep us positive when we thought we might lose the house.  She really took care of us through the whole process and we are so glad to have worked with her.  

Alex and Micaela Wambodlt

Gilbert, AZ

From the beginning, Lissette was detail oriented. She empathized with our situation and was very diligent in making sure she understood our needs and our goals for owning a new home... We  couldn’t have asked for a better agent. And that’s just the beginning. Lissette is someone we are proud to call friend.We would recommend Lissette to anyone, but especially to families looking to buy a new home in Arizona.


Josh and Robyn Forsythe

Gilbert, AZ

We were looking to purchase a property in Scottsdale and enlisted the help of Lissette.  What a great experience!  While we lived in Wisconsin, Lissette went on our adventure with us and for us, many times on her own.  She not only became our eyes and ears, but our friend. She understood what type of property we wanted for our new home and kept us informed of everything as it became available. She even went and evaluated them for us and sharing via FaceTime.  I traveled to AZ for a day and Lissette spent it with me showing comparable homes and "the one". Once our offer was made, it was Lissette who guided us through the negotiation process and then took over for all details including inspection and repair work. She has stayed in contact past the closing, still offering advice and assistance, as all friends do. 

Thank you Lissette!!!


Craig and Linda Lucas

Scottsdale, AZ

Working with Lissette at AZNB Realty couldn't have gone any better! Her industry knowledge and experience helped us get the price we wanted for our home within a reasonable amount time.


We really appreciated her caring professionalism displayed through use of technology, the detailed description of what our home had to offer for the new prospective buyer, the professional pictures and her extremely positive go-getter attitude! 


Thank you Lissette!


Brent and Jacquie Strange

Gilbert, AZ

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